Estate Planning Anchorage, AK

The Best Time to Start Estate Planning or Preparing a Will Is Now

Prepare your will with an estate planning attorney in Anchorage, AK

No one wants to think about a time after they're gone, but it's important to ensure your family is happy and financially secure. A skilled estate planning attorney can help you protect your hard-earned assets and your family. Colver and McMillan LLC has aided countless clients with preparing a will in the Anchorage, AK area.

Let a legal professional guide you with complicated wills and trusts. No matter what the future brings, you can remain confident your family will be protected. Call 907-272-0400 today to retain an estate planning attorney in Anchorage, AK.

What can an estate planning attorney do for you?

Beyond preparing a will, there are many ways to set up an estate plan. Your attorney at Colver and McMillan LLC will assist you with:

  • Setting health care directives
  • Updating current estate plans
  • Planning for business succession
  • Naming power of attorney
  • Minimizing taxes and court costs for beneficiaries

Going through a divorce? You can update your estate plans after major life changes. Contact Colver and McMillan LLC today for a free consultation in Anchorage, AK.